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News 6/24/2019 - Update
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After some setbacks and some self reflection, I'm ready to post an update about Forum Exchange.

Marketplace (beta)
Prior, the marketplace was just a standard forum with some thread prefixes. This is a great way to get a marketplace forum going but it lacks a true "marketplace" feeling. I wanted something a little more "in depth" for FE users. So, after A LOT of coding, tweaking, and pulling my hair out over responsive css - I'm happy to show you the FE Marketplace. As it rolls out of beta, I plan to introduce a feedback/reputation system.


Services Feedback
Services of any exchange website is critical for the webmaster and team. Again, standard forums with prefixes are an effective way to do this - but it lacks that "feedback/testimonial" feel. So, we created our "Services Feedback" forum for our community members who use our services.


Promotion Directory
What is an exchange community without some promoting? Our promotion directory will help you get your website information out on the web. There is no longer a need for users to upload images of their websites (unless they want additional ones). Our site thumbnail API will automatically grab that website image and save it to the site for use.


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