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  1. Giligis

    open Gaming on the Go

    Site URL: http://www.gotgo.ga Exchange Rate: 5/5 I own a forum currently called: Gaming on the Go, a community dedicated to the mobile gaming community. If you are interested, I do 5/5 exchanges, must upload an avatar and post an introduction. If your interested in an exchange, please use this little template. Site Name:Site URL:Username(That you will register with):
  2. Many people are familiar with the game Players Unknown Battlegrounds, even if you don’t play it. I’ve happened to stumble across the mobile version. I heard many people complain about the buggy and clunkyness of the PC version , I thought oh god this going to be wretched for a while. Alas, I decided to try it anyways. I was thoroughly impressed!! The controls were simple and I could drag and move the interface to where I wanted. The gameplay was fluent, full of heart racing action, and drove me to continue playing this edgy game. I’m currently in love. Which brings me too.....WHATS FOR DINNER BABY? CHICKEN, of course!
  3. Giligis

    Spring break - what did you do?

    Personally, I did nothing as well, haha! Some spring cleaning perhaps.
  4. Giligis

    Iphone or Android?

    I was always, always, always an android user. I always told myself I’d never surrender to the iPhone life. My phones were pretty much bottom end pre paid phones, that I was sick of using entirely. At my nearest Walmart were two choices: some run of the mill andriod for $199 or an IPhone 6 (the 8 was just being released) for $200. I choose the iPhone and I fell in love. Ease of access, everything is so simple and easy. Siri. My phone is always updated, I can (for the most part) play most games on the App Store. I never went back. But to tell you the truth if you own an iPhone you know like me the screen will only not be cracked for so long
  5. Giligis

    What is the most recent food you've eatten?

    Just got back from some Olive Garden, was splendid. I love how they give you samples of alchohol. Not to mention their breadsticks are to die for.
  6. So I just started recently (binge) watching Voltron, the animated series and oh my lord god. What have I been missing?! The character development is awesome and the storyline keeps you engaged episode after episode, I’m always wanting to find out what happens next, always. I’m curious to know if there are any other Voltron fans out there?
  7. Giligis

    Hear he, hear he!

    Yeah man I hope one day to make those same kind of wages hahahaha
  8. Giligis

    Hear he, hear he!

    Hello my names Corey, however I usually go by Giligis. I’m a forum administrator on a mobile gaming community. I’m currently 22 years of age and I hope to enrolling for my bachelors in computer science here in the fall! I hope I get to see some of around here!!

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