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  1. Historical


    Aegic is a community based on gaming, both discussions and reviews. Our goal is to create a website where you can discuss games, read reviews, post reviews, watch videos, read guides and anything else that you can imagine that is related to gaming.
  2. Historical

    closed Exchange with Aegic

    Site URL: https://www.aegicnet Exchange Rate: 20/20 Aegic is a gaming website in it's alpha stage and it needs content to attract members. A 20/20 exchange, must upload an Avatar, must post an introduction.
  3. Historical

    'ello, 'ello.

    Welcome to the community!
  4. Historical

    resovled Trophy Icons

    I know, but XF never includes Trophy Icons by default.
  5. Historical

    phpBB Themes

    I dont have a lot of time right now though but I'll let you know when I'm starting on making themes.
  6. Historical

    phpBB Themes

    I probably will.
  7. Historical

    Favourite design tool

    I use Photoshop CS6 and Illustrator CS6, AE for videos. I've never used Sketch tbh, might take a look at it.
  8. Historical

    phpBB Themes

    Alright, I'm awaiting your PM
  9. Historical

    phpBB Themes

    Alright, myBB it is then. Thanks.
  10. Historical

    phpBB Themes

    I know but I was trying to figure out if the demand is high for phpBB themes or not
  11. Historical

    phpBB Themes

    I'm not gonna use phpBB, I want to make themes for it and sell em, you're saying I should make them for MyBB?
  12. Historical

    paid Selling Games

    I'm selling the following games: Just give me an offer for whichever game you want.
  13. chatexchange.net come discuss!

  14. Historical

    A domain name!

    I need your help, I need suggestions for a good domain name that will be used on a website that reviews everything related to "geeks". For example, gaming, movies, collectibles and more. Any suggestions? Also, make sure the domain is available before suggesting it.
  15. Historical

    phpBB Themes

    I'm trying to figure out if there is enough request for custom made phpBB themes? I'm looking to expand the forum softwares I design for and I know phpBB is pretty popular. What do you guys think?

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